Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Video of a Trip Down Market Street in 1906

Filmed by hand-cranked camera in 1906 on a moving train, before there were traffic laws. Notice people just trying their luck crossing the street. This film made me tear up. Probably because it reminds me of where I'm from and how my grandparents knew the city before so much blight and crime took over. Notice also no one seems to be cursing or yelling at anyone cutting them off.

Although life was difficult in 1906 for many reasons, this was the age America was viewed as the land of opportunity.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Let's Not Rush Breakfast Today

The lady of the house requests you sit down and enjoy yourself for a while. Don't rush off to school, work, or chores just yet. Take a seat around the table with your family, and watch the sun rise and the dew glow on the grass. Take in the warmth of home.

Sit down and have some tea. Enjoy your slowly steaming coffee. Take your share of muffins, eggs, fruit, waffles, toast, and sausages. Don't forget the creamer, jam, syrup, and butter. Have your fill. Tell me how you're doing, and don't forget to ask me as well. Tell me about that letter from your parents that the postman delivered. Tell me about the worrisome dream you had last night. Tell me about your plans for today and your hopes for tomorrow.

Or sit quietly. But don't go. It's okay if you're not in a great mood. Just having you around is a gift.

I wish responsibilities did not take so much of our time away from each other every day. These moments of relaxation and togetherness should be savored and drawn out whenever possible. 

One day we might not be able to do this anymore. These will be just precious memories of us smiling over our table. So let's make as many of these memories as we can.

I might not be good at many things, but I can make you some great food and give you comfort that will help ease you through the trials of your day.

Before the outside world gets to you and your mind wakes up to long-gone hardships you don't wish to speak of, let's not rush breakfast today. 

Revel in the morning joy. And maybe we can do it again tomorrow.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Old Fashioned Hobbies and Pastimes of the Victorian Age

Before television, video games, and the internet, housewives, husbands, and children entertained themselves in simpler, yet highly enjoyable ways. If you are interested in an old-fashioned hobby or pastime, far away from the influence of technology, read on.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Running Away to Become a Housewife

The housewife movement is more popular now than when I became a homemaker, and so when I did decide to quit my job with a goal of being domestic, I did so while hiding my intentions. I told no one except family and really close friends -- people that didn't know my coworkers. I led my colleagues to believe I had another job lined up. I didn't want to deal with questions, scorn, or weird looks on people's faces. I just wanted a clean break from all of the disappointments in my old life. I had to run  away.

I wanted to live the way I wanted to live, and I felt that social media was hindering my ability to do this because many coworkers were connected to my Facebook. My biggest plan after quitting was to cut off all social media. I got rid of my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, and that is what really set me free. I hated the idea of eternally connecting my decisions, persona, and whereabouts to coworkers -- to people who only understood promotions and raises as a way of moving on in life. I wanted to disconnect myself from my old mistakes and the ability of others to judge me as they saw me in my old life.

I was actually still single when I quit my old job. I saved enough money for some travel and rent expenses. Two weeks later I met my future husband. He told me early on he wanted to marry me, which put a glow and a little flutter in my heart. All I could think about was my wedding day and setting up a cozy home with my future husband. Many people will view my old job quitting as somewhat reckless and risky, but I needed to breathe and to change, and to look for a new life where I was away from the fray of the 9 to 5. And somehow it just came along. Few things in my life have fallen into place so easily.

Since then, the people I know personally in my life are people I talk to on the phone or see each day. My housewife friends -- like-minded people such as you -- are the only social media contacts I keep. I ended up moving to another state to a small town, so it was a completely new beginning. But even here I keep to myself.

I ran away from my old life to become a housewife and I never turned back.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Do Reality TV Housewives Give Real Housewives a Bad Name?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fights
None of the stay at home moms or housewives without children that I know of act like reality TV housewives. I don't know any homemakers cursing, fighting, or throwing things at each other on a regular basis. The Real Housewives TV franchise along with Basketball Wives I feel give a false impression about their real counterparts in everyday America ...