Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Video: My Heirloom Purple Prince Zinnias

I believe in adding beauty to the world whenever I can, and I try to do this through gardening. Some of my zinnia flowers are smaller and some are nice, puffy blooms.

Whenever I need a mood boost I walk into the gardens to see how my work has progressed. I hope you like this quick video of my zinnias.

God bless.

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DeNiece Barnes said...

Your flower garden is just beautiful. I planted some magnolias this year but for some reason they did not do so well which they usually do without much effort. But it maybe because it did not rain as much here in the Carolinas as it usually does every summer. I tried watering them but they seem to like God's good old fashion rain storms better lol.

The Quaint Housewife said...

DeNiece, I love magnolias! I agree about the the rain. When Jesus decides it's time to water the babies, flowers seem to grow taller and bloom overnight vs. hand watering!