Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Video: How I Make Golden Yellow Rice


DeNiece Barnes said...

The rices looks yummy. I usually buy the yellow rice already in the box or bag but since you did this video on how to cook it from stratch I am going to try this recipe for the hubby and the children and see if they notice that it is homemade Thanks so much for the recipe.

The Quaint Housewife said...

DeNiece, I think you will really like the rice better homemade by your hand. The only difference in work between the boxed version and the video is that you're adding herbs and spices separately. The butter gives it that savory taste people like in homemade food too. Thanks for watching :D

Anonymous said...

I love your rice and it's simple to make. Thanks for the recipe, I'll try it. I also love the decoration. You are right, using colors (red and green) makes you appreciate more the food.

Lately I use to make rice in the bag and then fry it in olive oil with many herbs, green onion (some turmeric too) and soy souse. Sometimes with mushrooms too. It is pretty good. My husband really likes it.

Have a lovely day!


The Quaint Housewife said...


I hope you try it. I think you will enjoy. I love using scallions and mushrooms too, so that is good addition for rice as well.

Thanks for stopping by today :)