Friday, August 5, 2016

Video: Close Look at My Food Hoarding Food Pantry


Deborah Wellenstein said...

I am a food hoarder, and a couple things I have learned-taco shells don't keep well-they go rancid, and are completely horrible! Pasta will keep for a long time-we shop at Dillons, our Kroger affiliate, and love to buy their high-end Italian pasta when they mark it down to half price-it is so delicious! I really enjoy your videos!

The Quaint Housewife said...


Thanks for the taco tip. You sound like a kindred spirit! I was scared about the pasta because I saw one previously opened box that had tiny white spots on it. So I threw it out. I don't know if they were humidity spots or what. We must have not finished it off in time. My husband went into a little frenzy in buying pasta these last few shopping trips. When I watch this pantry video now I see too much empty space on the shelves. I need it so full that I can barely close that door! Thanks for watching and commenting. I am glad you enjoy them :D