Monday, February 8, 2016

Please Don't Require Selective Service for Women

I can hardly believe my ears when I hear on the news that the government is playing with the idea of requiring women to register for Selective Service. It is further much harder to believe that so many American people agree with the idea. Although I don't believe men should be forced to sign up for Selective Service to get financial aid for college, requiring women to do so really just attacks the soul of the truly feminine woman.
Those of you who follow my blog or my YouTube channel know just how much of a traditionalist I am. I have not advocated for most of the modern ideas that feminism has forced upon society. I am already surprised that the government has opened all combat roles to women. Although I am grateful for all of the military, why is it so important to allow women in the toughest, harshest of roles? To just say, "because we can do it too"?

My biggest objection to the Selective Service for women issue is that I consider myself to be a very feminine woman with a soft nature, and I just can't fathom ever being in the military, and wouldn't want any woman with a feminine nature to have to subject themselves to it by force of a government decision. It seems like psychological torture. I just want to make dinner, wear my hair down, and take care of my husband and home. I am willing to be forever grateful to the people who place themselves in harm's way so I can live like this, but don't make me change my character and live a lie.

Feminism has taken more away from women than it gives, in my opinion. I feel like it rips away at the real soul of femininity. Excuse me while I walk away and cry now for the death of the last bastion of the protected female and hero male.

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