Thursday, January 28, 2016

How to Maintain An Old-Fashioned Lifestyle

How to Maintain an Old-fashioned Lifestyle

As a housewife without kids, I have long-since left the modern world behind, mentally. I found it to be too toxic -- full of distractions that poison the mind and soul. So I went about and fashioned my life in my own little traditional way. These are some of the best things to do to maintain an old-fashioned -- or quaint-- lifestyle.

Own a Home. 
It doesn't matter where it is or how big it is, as long as you own it. It can be a little shack in Mississippi, a condo in downtown Boston, a single house in the suburbs, a worn-down townhouse in the inner city, or a little forgotten cottage off the side of the road, buried behind some trees.

I grew up in a bad neighborhood, in a house that always needed repairs, and usually went without them. But it was home, where my mother, father, brother, aunt, and I lived. And there is where I had some of the happiest days of my life -- secure, accepted, and safe. Some people grow up in less than ideal homes, and as an adult there is also a chance to make it right again with your own little piece of the world.

Eat Wholesome, Homemade Food.
When I pass by fast food restaurants I get a twinge of sadness, because what should be a fulfilling celebration of gifts from God's land and animals has become a profit-based frenzy of how cheaply and quickly an underpaid person can throw some paper-wrapped industrialized food at you.

There is nothing quite like bringing a stuffed, oven-baked chicken to a dinner table covered with a seasonal tablecloth, silverware, dinnerware, side dishes, and eager, smiling faces waiting to feast on homemade fare.

Adopt Some Old-world Recipes from Your Ethnic Heritage.
Find a few dishes that sound appetizing to you and perfect them for yourself and spouse or family. My specialties are homemade soft pretzels, sauerkraut with pork and dumplings, apple pie, and beef pot pies. You will be connected to the past with your dishes and also be proud of your cooking skills. This can be a new tradition in your home.

Get Cozy. 
Fill the spaces meant for relaxation in your home with pillows, throw blankets, and candles. Add some soft lighting and piles of books, and play some classical music at a low volume. You will have a setting you will never want to leave!

Have a Pet.
I mean a pet you can snuggle with or one that follows you around. While there are so many forces in the world that let us down, having a dog or cat that loves to be around you will feel like a blessing on days you are world-weary and depressed.

Grow a Garden.
Even if you don't have a green thumb, there are vegetables and plants that are very easy to grow: morning glory vines, dill weed, spinach, and sweet alyssum flowers are some of them. Some of my proudest achievements in life, besides getting married, are when I get a harvest from seeds I sow in spring. You really feel connected to nature and earth when you grow beautiful flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Only Allow People In Your Home that You Trust.
There are a lot of evil forces in the world and many of them take the form of people. Don't allow harmful abusers of drugs, alcohol, or abusers in general in your home. People are full of weaknesses. So that your home always feels like a place of security, don't give them a chance of letting them into your life. Sometimes you get a bad vibe about people. Trust your instincts. I don't even answer my door if I don't know who it will be. I live in a neighborhood where door-to-door salespeople and people seeking donations still come around to. My husband and I make our own decisions as to who we will buy from and donate to, so we don't even answer. Home to me is a place of intentional privacy.

Work Out Your Problems at Home.
I am not one to discourage people from seeking professional help when they really need it, but rather than paying someone to listen, think of your home environs as a place to heal yourself when possible. It doesn't matter exactly how you deal with the problem, as long as it helps you and is done in a healthy way. You can speak to your spouse, read the Bible, meditate, tell your problems to your cat as you pet him, sit in a bedroom when it's raining out and listen to the rain, put on some relaxing music, call a friend/relative, beat up or cry into a pillow, etc.

My husband works out his frustrations in the garage. I'll hear some banging noises, his saw, and some cursing, and a few hours later he'll emerge with a new wooden table made for the house. Sometimes when I don't have a solution for my natural weaknesses, I'll go to the kitchen and do one of the only things I am really good at -- cooking. Creating something often replaces negative feelings in our life with productive pride.

Be Thankful.
Modern life in the western world is so much easier than life a century ago. When I get to complaining too much, I try to think of the incredible pains my ancestors went through so I could be here today. And then I realize that famine, war, and genocide were much bigger problems than I've ever had to deal with. And I'm thankful I have what I have today.

I'd love to hear of how you maintain a quaint lifestyle in your own way ...


becky said...

I live in a log cabin with my husband of 36 years on 3 very wooded acres with a creek and a dozen laying hens, a huge garden where I can and freeze all of it. I adore being at home watching Jane Austin movies and cross stitching.
have been enjoying your You tube channel too.

The Quaint Housewife said...

Becky! What you described is absolutely beautiful and so idyllic. You definitely have the quaint housewife life. Thank you for watching my channel too. I'm still a novice. Let me know if you want me to cover any specific topics in my videos.

becky said...

my interests are learning how others live on one income. I clean 2 houses twice a month (which I enjoy) for extra income, so I am not a true housewife in the sense I am completely reliant on my husbands income:) But I enjoy it and I have the time.
What are your interests and to video some of your recipes. That would be great.

The Quaint Housewife said...

Extra income is always good. Yes, I was thinking of taking video of some of the foods I make. I will have to see what I can do. I also wanted to do some grocery haul videos, and some kitchen appliance/home goods reviews on items I like in my home. Hopefully these would appeal to my homemaking interest audience. Thanks for your feedback, Becky:)

Christine Beauchamp said...

Wonderful ideas you offer here and I also enjoy reading other's comments. Right now I still work full time, but gratefully almost done with that. Otherwise I'm just a simple girl at heart. I'm a vegan, raw foodist so I cook nothing, but I grow my own garden and eat healthfully from that. I sew and quilt, making as much for my home as I'm able to. I love to read - - or read other's beautiful blogs and responses such as yours. . . with a nice cup of tea. Blessings this day

The Quaint Housewife said...

Dear Christine,

That is a wonderful and healthy way to live. We have a garden as well, though I do a lot of cooking. I am really most proud of my husband's strawberry patch. I hope you enjoy your foray into homemaking. I would love to hear more about your life as you transition!

Enjoy your day,


Gretchen Jones said...

Hi quaint housewife, I'm a modern, senior, widow but loving quaint style of living more and more. I have a sunroom full of plants, lots of blankets, pillows,fireplace and a little Maltese that follows me all of the house. But I need guidance on how to convert my modern style into a more comfortable quaint style Dee

The Quaint Housewife said...

Gretchen, it sounds like you're doing a great job.