Friday, December 11, 2015

Gray Winter Days and My Cat has Thumbs

We now have four cats. They rule our lives at this point. There was a really friendly cat that started coming up to my husband and I when we were gardening outside in the summer. This cat clearly wanted a home and took a liking to us. So we took her in after realizing she didn't belong to anyone. It's about to get cold, and we wanted her to survive. Since she was so friendly we thought she'd be the perfect companion to us.

The vet told us she is a polydactyl cat -- she has more toes than she should. We didn't notice it at first. So then I look at her front paws finally and it looks like she has mittens on! Or thumbs! The cat in the above photo is a polydactyl cat too. You get the idea.

Apparently it's a genetic deformity in some cats, especially on the East Coast of the USA and in some parts of England. These cats came over from England in boats because their extra nails were thought to be especially adept at killing mice, and this helped prevent disease when they were kept under control.

So my cat has English heritage. And big thumbs. She's got 7 digits on one front paw, 6 on the other, and 5 digits on each back foot. So she has 5 more toes than a normal cat does.

It's actually nice to have another pet, even though we already have three cats. They add cheer. We live away from my family and old friends and I'm kind of a hermit, so on gray days sometimes it's a little depressing.

I think maybe I need to light a candle, watch some Christmas cartoons, and do some knitting.

How do you get through winter blahs, if you have any?


Diane Giese said...

An old roommate of mine had a cat with thumbs. We used to toss him a pen (gently) until he caught it. It never took him too long to do it.

The Quaint Housewife said...

Hahaha, Diane. That sounds so cute. Extra power for those paws!

Anonymous said...

I don't suffer from any winter blues.

If I felt sad, I would - watch some good comedy,
eat something healthy and tasty (like chicken soup
for the soul :-)), exercise, go for a walk in the park,
take a bath or put some uplifting essential oil into
aroma lamp.
Mrs. K.

The Quaint Housewife said...

All good ideas, Mrs. K, especially the comedy and exercise. I like to turn on the Christmas tree lights too. Nice golden glow is cheerful.