Friday, November 6, 2015

Original Housewife Memes

Hello ladies, I hope you like this handful of original housewife memes by me.

1800s Housewife Meme

1800s Trophy Wife Meme

African American Housewife Meme

1950s Housewife Meme




Kathy Thurman said...

Nice :) 😜

The Quaint Housewife said...

Thanks Kathy! Doing this post was fun:)

Bercel KyBer said...

I'm dead! So funny! As a black woman, I loved the black housewife meme.
Keep up the good work and visit my blog whenever you have a chance.

The Quaint Housewife said...

LOL Bercel. When I saw her picture, I couldn't resist. I'll be sure to catch up on your blog!

my house is cuter than yours said...

So refreshing! I am so tired of people looking down on housewives! ~mary~

The Quaint Housewife said...

Me too! Thanks Mary:)