Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lark Voorhies Divorcing

What do you know? Lark Voorhies, our beloved Lisa from Saved by the Bell is divorcing her latest husband. I just have to say thank goodness. Lots of people had bad feelings about her husband, Jimmy Green.

He wants spousal support, not surprisingly. Please don't let him sail through life on her dime. An accomplished actress and author of her own books, it is believed that Lark suffers from occasional mental illness. I don't like the idea of him getting rich off of her.

You know what is one thing that particularly bothered me about this guy? He could never be bothered to put on a suit or dress shirt and slacks.

I always saw pictures where she was dressed up and he just couldn't bother. It's almost like he was saying, "I'm here for other things, but not in a joint effort with you."

Lark is no stranger to marriage. After she's been married three times though, maybe she doesn't need to worry about trying again!

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