Friday, October 9, 2015

Gossip: Wife I'm Worried About

Lark with her third and current husband

I just loved Saved by the Bell when I was a teenager. As an adult I still follow any news that happens involving the show's actors. Well now, Lark Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle, is having all kinds of issues lately.

Lark got married earlier this year and the following video set off a few alarms:

First, she is having trouble stringing sentences together coherently. There is talk she has a medical issue and that her medication is causing the problem. I have heard of this before. The current roundness of her face also points to a medical problem. She is not overweight either.

But really, the biggest alarm bell went off when Lark's mother got a restraining order against Lark's husband, Jimmy. Jimmy only admitted to getting a little loud with mom.

He is a former gang member, so this already has people worried. Now, I am not one to judge other people's marriages. But when I watch Jimmy in this video his body language doesn't seem to denote affection or love for Lark. He could be just the strong, silent, private type though.

As another woman and wife it worries me because Lark is obviously in a vulnerable position medically, and she has money to lose. Depending upon which website you read, Lark has a net worth of between $500,000 and $4 million. The money is mostly from her acting done on Saved By the Bell, but some of the money is from her slightly odd book writing. There are a lot of men who will marry rich ladies to have a cushy life. But that is their business.

I only hope she doesn't get taken to the cleaners in a divorce or gets mistreated in some way. This is the third marriage for Lark. When I was younger I remember hearing she was engaged to Martin Lawrence, when she was 18 or so. She is definitely the marrying kind. In the last video Lark can be seen only a year ago fully coherent and having her old face shape.

Lark Voorhies will still always be Lisa Turtle to me.

What are your thoughts?

Young Lark Voorhies


Bercel KyBer said...

You are completely right to be worried about Lark. I think that desperation and loneliness have led her to choose this awful man. He has nothing to offer her except pain and poverty.
I hope that Lark comes to her senses soon.

Catherine Walker said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you provided this information to us. I had no idea she was going through this. Thanks for the information on Lark.

The Quaint Housewife said...


So nice to hear from you. Yes, it seems Lark might be one who needs some watching over. I miss your posts. I understand your position about not posting though. You are a housewife to me anyway. I wish I knew more about your story. It seems you have some stuff you are worried about. Hope to hear from you more.