Saturday, October 3, 2015

Easy No Chill Pie Crust From Scratch

Never again will I buy pre-made chemical-laden pie crusts from the store. I came up with this no-fridge-time pie crust for baking because I simply hate to wait for dough to set in the refrigerator. You can use this recipe to make fruit pies, shepherd's pie, pecan pie, etc.

I think you will find it a convenient recipe for the holidays too.

Never again will I buy pre-made pie crusts from the store.
Homemade pie crust without refrigeration



Bercel KyBer said...

I love your blog and your hub! Your story about how you became a housewife could have been written by me as well; my husband's job is in a rural area and it made sense for us to move closer to his office. He is the breadwinner and I am much happier at home.

I don't have to deal with backstabbing or corporate competitiveness. My husband is very appreciative of my work as a SAHW. After years of taking care of myself, I enjoy submitting to my loving husband who treats me like a queen. We also do not want any children.

Keep on writing! The world needs more women like you as role models. Have a look at my blog if you want:

Catherine Walker said...


Thanks for the positive feedback. I visited your blog and feel like I relate to your story too. Home life is a blessing. There is nothing like the feeling of being secure in your own little world and having a great husband :)