Monday, October 12, 2015

About to Make Baked Goods for Some Neighbors

Baking Thank You Gifts For Neighbors

Two of our neighbors did favors for us, so I am going to make some baked goods for them. I do not know my neighbors well. I am a little anxious around people in general, but I want to do something in return as a token of gratitude.

I've always wanted to be the housewife that pops up at someone's door and hands them a casserole, muffins, or baked bread as a thank you. Now that will be me.

I am so far mentally removed from anything outside the domestic sphere that if I didn't have to leave my house again I rarely would. I love this peace.

What kind of baked goods would you give your neighbors for a thank you?


Bercel KyBer said...

I have never baked anything for my neighbours as we've been here for less than a month.
I recently baked some great blueberry muffins for my husband. They came out splendidly.
Still need a hand mixer as stirring with a spoon isn't enough for some recipes.
I've been using my Ninja when recipes call for whipping.

Anonymous said...
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Catherine Walker said...

They sound delicious. I only got a hand mixer a year or so ago. I have used a spoon my whole life, so I don't like to pull out the mixer unless I have to. It seems like more work :/ But it's great for those flour clumps or fast work.

becky said...

I make baked goods all the time. An easy one is Pumpkin bread with chocolate chips.

becky said...

I usually make Pumpkin bread with chocolate chips. It is an easy quick bread.
Love your website!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much :) Becky, an amazing thing -- what you suggested is exactly what I made. I made two kinds of bread: pumpkin chocolate chip, and the other oatmeal raisin -- both quick breads. It was so hard not to eat it. But I had to keep it for them. I would make more, but I won't be going to the market for another week. So I have to be pumpkin-less for a little while longer.

Quaint Housewife

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love to bake and my 73 old lady neighbor has tested most of my stuff. She is a fan. I make brioche most of the time and tarts with fruits or banana bread. I use almond flour, coconut butter, palm sugar and things like that. No white flour or real sugar. I also make a sort of cake, actually is like a short bread with nuts, raisins, cocoa, eggs, sugar, orange zest, vanilla extract and almond flour. My favorite is a type of quiche with green onion, mushrooms, sesame seeds, eggs, olives and feta cheese.

All the best!


The Quaint Housewife said...


My goodness, that stuff sounded so good! I bet your neighbor will never, ever move!