Sunday, July 12, 2015

Newly Married Wife Nicky Hilton Creates a New Family Dynasty

I love wedding stories, because they always reinforce the importance of marriage and new beginnings, and this is a big one. There is now a Hilton-Rothschild dynasty. Over the weekend Paris Hilton's sister, Nicky Hilton, married James Rothschild in England at Kensington Palace. The Hiltons -- already amazingly wealthy in their own right -- are now family with the Rothschilds -- one of the most powerful and wealthy families in history.

Nicky wed in a very elegant, Victorian-looking Valentino wedding dress. Women of the Victorian era famously got married in neck-to-ankle dresses. Nicky's dress also reminds me of Princess Kate's wedding gown.

This is definitely a marital merger of a newer generation, with a Catholic Norwegian-German-descent wife, and a Jewish-descent husband. The Hilton-Rothschild wedding was not a Jewish wedding. Often, Christian women who marry Jewish men also convert, but that did not happen here. In addition, they got married in Protestant stronghold England, so religion didn't seem to really play a big role at all.


This is also a second marriage for Nicky, but a first for James. Nicky first got married at 21, but the marriage only lasted three months. It seems Nicky handled her second marriage in a way that any well-to-do bride-to-be and family would most like -- marrying a prosperous and socially fitting husband. 

Imagine all the polo events, formal balls, charity functions, and entertaining events this couple will be part of. This wedding to me represents the glamour of wealth that was prevalent in my grandmother's time -- when big names married big names, and when royalty tended to only marry other royalty, such as how Tsar Nicholas married Queen Victoria's granddaughter -- Princess Alix of Hesse -- who became Tsarina Alexandra.

But back to Nicky and James ... Attending the wedding, at right, sister Paris can be seen, posing for the cameras as usual, while mom Kathy Hilton next to her is simply beaming with joy that her daughter Nicky has made them collectively wealthier and happier. The ladies wore powder blue dresses.With Paris always having been in the limelight, I somehow saw her marrying like Nicky just did. But Paris was indeed engaged to Paris Latsis in the past, who was a shipping family scion. Although Paris Hilton seems to be happily unmarried, it is still always nice for a woman to be spoken for, and I hope she finds her prince too. Will Nicky Hilton become a housewife? That would be lovely. But I think she will end up either continuing her fashion and makeup design work or doing a lot of charity work. The society pages should filled for years to come with the union of these two families.

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