Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mata Hari: From Military Wife to Treasonous Exotic Dancer

Those of you who read my blog know I simply adore the Victorian and Edwardian periods of history. One woman I love to read up on is Mata Hari, an infamous lady of her time. She is pictured here with her Dutch Colonial Army Captain husband on her wedding day in 1895.

Military Wife Mata Hari in 1895

Mata Hari went from wealthy child to military wife to exotic dancer, to finally being (perhaps wrongly) accused of treason.

She was executed for treason against France in 1917, but many historians believe that she was innocent. The official records on her case were sealed for 100 years until 2017. I am looking forward to them being opened and being able to read them. There might be clues to her innocence. I would like to think she is. Until then, I hope you like this video about her life.

YouTube: Biography of Mata Hari 

I think the ideal place for a woman is married, and by her husband's side, but Mata Hari's husband was abusive and marriage did not work in her favor. Sometimes I think marriage keeps us out of trouble. Who knows what mess I would get into if I didn't have this ring on my finger and a house to mind!

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