Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Neighbors Cutting Down Trees And Excited About Canning

Hello Wives,

I don't know where you all live, but I really relish living in an area with trees. Unfortunately, when trees get older they sometimes cause problems for the owners. My neighbor across the street has cut down four trees, all because of different issues, some of which I think are imagined.

Anyway, I love trees because they provide privacy from neighbors. And when those trees get cut down you have to face the idea that you do, in fact, have neighbors. So now we have to plant a bunch of things to hide our property from view. But that is pretty difficult to do when it takes at least ten years to get good coverage/privacy from trees.

Oh, well.

So my husband has started our raised bed garden, which took him a few days to build and fill. In a week, tons of string bean, pea, cucumber, tomato, and pepper plants have emerged. I also decided to grow eyes on a potato and threw that into an old wooden basket I found and filled with soil. The potato plant has sprouted its leaves on top. I am excited about my potato plant. I have never grown potatoes before.

I am most excited about making pickles from the mini cucumber seeds my hubby planted.

And now to wait for the harvest ...

Do any of you ladies do food gardening?


Kathy Thurman said...

My husband is the one with the green thumb, and I do not like veggies, so he is the one with the tomato and pepper plants, as well and strawberries and grapes. His plants are in pots on the deck, and they are doing really well - he has eaten tomatoes and peppers already. The squirrels seem to get the strawberries, which is ok - he mainly grows the plants for a hobby. This is the first year for grapes and they seem to be growing like crazy! I might try and grow a potato plant :)

Catherine said...

Kathy -- sounds like you have a big, beautiful bevvy of produce there! Would be so nice to grow grapes here too.

Alyson said...

Enjoyed this post from last Spring and looking forward to hearing more on this topic. I LOVE to garden and happily so does my husband. We tried container gardening last year for the very first time. Our backyard is small and heavily shaded, so sun-loving fruits and veggies have to be strategically placed in containers for success. We managed to grow sweet peppers, jalapeƱos, tomatoes and herbs and are looking forward to this year's harvest. Just started some seeds indoors- so fun! You mentioned a raised bed in this post. Do you have several beds, alternating crops each year? Would be very interested in hearing more about all things gardening and canning if you feel so inclined :)

Oh and we can relate to the tragedy of lovely old trees coming down. Our little yard backs to 19 acres of forest that is slated to be developed this year. We are already mourning the loss of the trees and privacy. One day we look forward to purchasing a little house with more property- plenty of room for growing a lush garden. I can feel the Winter blues passing... Spring is on the way :)

The Quaint Housewife said...

Dear Alyson,

Long answer here ....

I mourn for your loss of privacy too. In addition, our neighbor cut lower limbs on some trees off so that the tree wouldn't get overweight and fall onto our house and truck in our driveway. So now we both have a clear view of each other's house/car. I am a friendly person, but I do not like feeling "exposed" to others that way. Hopefully this spring my husband can install a fence at the edge of our property.

You sound like you get a good harvest for having a shade garden. Congratulations! We have two beds made out of wood and a three ft. frame around the top that we throw plastic netting over to keep the critters out.

We were most successful with tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, and string beans for food. We were not successful at all with our Poblano or bell pepper plants -- none of them grew beyond a foot tall. I do not know what happened there. Also, my potato skins with eyes were growing in the raised bed, but they must need sooo much room because the soil was puckering above the normal soil line, like it was expanding underneath a lot. I prematurely dug them up because it grew a HUUGE beautiful plant. I thought they were done for some reason.

My husband also grew alpine strawberries successfully, although as autumn came some birds and squirrels started digging through the plants and

My husband and I decided to not plant any root vegetables because they seem to take up so much space with little to bear. I would still like to do it though.

For flowers I was most successful with morning glory vines and tall sweet alyssum. We have mostly clay soil and these still grew with little to no amendments. I surrounded our mailbox with morning glory, and it looked nice and puffy on top too. We bought some iron trellises and I expanded the coverage of vines on our house by using twine and whatever nails were already affixed to the house to expand them to. I had to go out every two days to trim the morning glory.

I really would like that "enchanted forest" feeling on our property. We'd like to add some more stonescaping for this purpose, but that can get expensive quickly.

One of my favorite parts about gardening is seeing the bees and hummingbirds in our flowers. I am trying to do my part in saving the bees. We grew from mostly heirloom seeds, so I am proud about that. It sounds like you will have a lovely full garden in your next home!

Alyson said...

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for the reply :) Yes, I'm the same way with not liking to be observed while I'm working out-of-doors. We live in a community with lots of retirees. One of our next door neighbors is helpful but a bit too "aware" of the goings-on in our yard ;) I'm thankful that they are so kind and thoughtful though.

We have been enjoying seed starting indoors right now... so far most of the seeds are well on their way. We live in temperate southern MD just outside of Washington D.C., so Spring temperatures are fast approaching here. Almost time to enjoy more regular sunshine!

Hope you have been enjoying this transition time to Spring. The birds are already building nests here and the bees will be soon to follow :) Thank you again for taking the time to share more about your garden...