Friday, February 27, 2015

Venturing Out

I am such a homebody housewife that it is a big deal for me to venture out on my own. Today I am depositing some checks in the bank and shopping for some food items from CVS (between twice-monthly grocery trips). I am taking a cab to and from.

I don't drive and just usually go out with my husband. I like the security of my house. Wish I didn't have to leave at all today. I am content to just do laundry, make bread, clean, and gossip on the phone with my other housewife friends.

The only time I like going out by myself is when I walk, but there is snow and ice all over the place, and it is 10 degrees.

Why can't we be living in the time of horse-drawn sleighs? I would prefer that to a car.

On another note, as a long-time Beck fan from the 90s, and so happy with his Grammy wins this year, here is my new favorite song from his new album, Morning Phase:

Please enjoy. Have a great day ladies! Maybe I'll post again tonight.

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