Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How Much Makeup Should a Housewife Wear?

Did you ever notice that depictions of housewives on TV and in movies tend to reveal two types? They are either glamorous or depicted as unrealistically frumpy. I think the truth about housewives is that most of them are at the very least concerned with looking nice.

There is Basic Upkeep First
I simply make sure my hair looks nice, my eyebrows are neat, and my clothes are clean and fit me decently. Nicely styled hair and clean eyebrows frame the face well, and well-fitting clothing simply makes sense. I keep my face looking clear and moisturized as well.

I am, however, a little bit of a hermit, and like to be inside. When I do step outside the house I tend to put on some eye makeup and a soft lipstick color, even to go to the mailbox.

Yes, I know that is shallow, but I feel especially if you live in a nice neighborhood you should look a little pretty when others are going to see you. As we all know, people that live in single houses tend to peep outside their windows to see what is going on with their neighbors. I do this too.

And as a housewife without children, I feel more of a need to keep up a pleasant appearance. Husbands love to have a trophy wife too, so it is fun to play the part.

Glamorous Housewife Inclination
Every so often, such as now, I get a glamorous housewife inclination. I start to check my closet for flattering blouses and skirts. I look to see if I have matching costume jewelry. And I especially get excited about cosmetics. I just bought a makeup set that I can't wait to get. It has perfect, neutral colors in it that are good for a light to medium skin tone. When I am in glamorous housewife mode, I put on makeup to go to the supermarket.

If you have been a wife long enough, sometimes you think, "Makeup? I haven't worn that in years." The men who marry us do so because they love who we are, and often we find our spouses when we aren't looking to -- when you aren't made up and looking perfect.

And after your married and housework responsibilities set in you can easily forget about makeup. But I will admit it is just fun to look great and be girly, and I thrive on admiring glances from my husband.

So how much makeup should you really wear as a housewife?
The truth is, you should maintain a standard level of attractiveness -- an appearance that reflects how lovely you are on the inside. I think some eyeliner, light eyeshadow and blush, and lip gloss is perfect for everyday wear.

On made up days out of the house, foundation and pressed powder is a good idea too! Whatever your makeup routine, have fun with it!


Jenn said...

I tend to get into frumpy ruts, but I do try to make a continual effort to look my best.

Catherine said...

Jenn, when you're running a household it can be so hard to keep up!