Thursday, January 29, 2015

Favorite Housewife Moments: Sunday Breakfast

Perfect Sunday Breakfast Table
There are moments in being a housewife I love more than others. One of them is preparing Sunday breakfast. As you know, homemaking is an art form that when indulged in produces not only happy family members and guests, but happy wives as well. And there is nothing that gives me more joy than setting the table and serving breakfast on Sunday.

On this day I wake up after sunrise, open the kitchen curtains to let the golden light in, and with gleeful anticipation put my apron on for a morning of cooking and serving.

It is my quiet time when my husband is still asleep and I say tiny prayers in my head in reverence of God's day. And after the kitty-cats are fed and full I am free to gather my ingredients from the cupboards and begin my ritual.

I slowly make croissants or hot-cross buns with apricot jelly on the side. For my cooking I prepare scrambled eggs, brew coffee, make bacon, hash browns, fresh squeeze some orange juice or lemonade, and make sure there are bananas in the fruit bowl. Other Sundays are centered on waffles and fruit or omelettes, yet others are on eggs Benedict and sausage.

I then set the table for my husband and I with a tablecloth, plates, cups, and saucers ideal for the season, In the Spring and Summer I also cut flowers from the garden for the vase on the table. In the Fall and Winter I place a full fruit bowl in the center. I watch to ensure that the juice pitcher and glasses are perfectly placed, and that the butter dish and the bowl and spoon for the apricot jam are within reach of my and my husband's plate. And of course there is plenty of coffee for hours of drinking pleasure.

In these moments of Sunday breakfast preparation I'm not the college-educated, credentialed girl that prided herself on knowledge of English literature. I'm not the aimless corporate woman that once worked for other people's dreams. I'm a woman that is tending to the intricate details of the making of her home because it is simply how I define my womanhood.

There is so much for me in those moments: the finished look of a carefully set table full of delectable foods, the joy of both tasting and watching another person enjoy the fulfilling feast I made, and feeling blessed that I live in a nice house and am able to be a homemaker.

God bless.


Amy Corley said...

I enjoyed this post. I do not usually make a big breakfast on Sunday but I do a special midday dinner after we come home from church. It is comforting to have weekly traditions and I think our families appreciate it more than we know.

Catherine said...

Amy, I am sure your family looks forward to this mid-day Sunday meal. I know I would! Upholding our own household traditions as wives is so important. This Sunday, I will be making my Sunday breakfast as well as a more fun evening meal based on appetizers for the Super Bowl. I have to figure out some appetizers that aren't so unhealthy!