Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Things Every Housewife Needs: Decorative Pitchers

The Top 6 Pitchers for Gift-giving and Receiving

If you are a housewife or know a housewife, here is a another great gift idea for you or her ... the decorative pitcher. These pitchers would be a proper gift for Christmas, a housewarming, a birthday, or even an anniversary. There is something about pitchers that just say "established, traditional home." They make great gifts because they add a splash of color and personality and tend to be affordable for gift-giving.

Here are six pitchers for six personalities.

1. The Ethnic Pitcher

Above: The arts and crafts lover, and especially the Slavic-American woman, for example, will appreciate the beauty of the pitcher above. She remembers watching her grandmother decorate eggs intricately for Easter and going to Orthodox church regularly as a child. She might even still have some nesting dolls tucked away in a closet somewhere. Polish, Bulgarian, Russian, Slovenian, and Serbian traditions all have intricate ethnic art patterns we can enjoy in their arts and crafts pottery.

2. The Niche Decor Pitcher

Above: We all know the gal that has a "thing" for a specific type of fruit or animal decor in the kitchen. She might like to decorate with apples, grapes, frogs, cows, or in this case -- roosters. She has them on her wallpaper trim, her toaster cozy, her fridge magnets, and now, she can have a rooster on her pitcher. This lady has been known to wear a gingham blouse and jeans, has a husband that likes to cut down his own firewood, and bakes the best apple pies you've ever tasted.

3. The Floral Pitcher

Above: Images of sunny days, orange juice, and blooming blue flowers come to mind when you look at this floral pitcher. The kind of woman that likes this pitcher is the quintessential lady, perhaps a southern woman who likes her sweet tea, long dresses, and friendly gossip.

4. The Statement Pitcher

Above: You know the kind of woman that would like this alligator pitcher. She has a unique taste, likes splashes of olive green or is fond of aquariums, and might be a little bit dangerous herself! You wouldn't be a bit surprised to see her in leopard-print leggings while she smokes her Virginia Slims.

5. The Classy Holiday Pitcher

Above: The type of woman that likes this pitcher enjoys "classy Christmas." She insists on white lights for the outside of her house, and her Christmas tree often has a color theme each year: red and white, ice blue and silver, you name it. She might be known to pick pine cones in her yard for homemade decor projects and delights at the possibility of seeing a cardinal on her property amidst the snowy backdrop.

6. The Kid Christmas Pitcher
Above: The woman who likes this pitcher is all about fun at the holidays. She scoffs when people say, "Christmas is basically for kids." She secretly desires to have a full snow sled with horses on her property and loves going out after a fresh, fluffy snow fall to make snow sculptures. You might have seen her as one of the only adult females in line to sit on Santa's lap at the mall!


Bob and Colleen said...

I just found your blog....I enjoy your writing style and humor...good job. I'm a childless homemaker going into year 32. I've loved my life and wouldn't change anything. I'm following you now and look forward to more posts!

Quaint Housewife said...

Hello there. I just received notification of your comment today for some reason. So sorry about that. I am glad you enjoy this blog. I love having readers with a lifestyle in common. When you said going into year 32, I couldn't tell whether you meant you've been married 32 years or are 32 years old. You might have something to teach me!