Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Housewife Resolutions for 2015

I can hardly believe that 2015 is upon us. For resolutions I am sticking to household duties. As a housewife without children I feel I need to give more attention to getting the home in proper order.  I resolve to:

Organize the buffet hutch
  • Organization is the prudence of the mind. It is so hard to believe that within the first year of marriage I have managed to purchase enough nick-knacks, glass, and China to make my hutch look like a Victorian's domestic nightmare. This is due, of course, to my husband's and my love of shopping at second-hand stores and antiquing. I have so much decor crunched into the shelf spaces I am going to have to put some of it away. I don't know what to sacrifice since I love all of the objects. I also have to resolve not to buy anything else to shove into the hutch.
Organize closets
  • This is what I really don't look forward to but what shames me the most as a housewife: I dare not open my cleaning closet when I have guests over. I have mops and brooms that fall out, rags strewn about, half-used candles thrown into a box, and an assortment of bottles of cleaning products almost empty, yet I tell myself I can eek out a little more from them. In addition, the half-bath/laundry room needs de-cluttering, for which I found a laundry organizer that will save me a great deal of space. I also have to clean the the upstairs bathroom closet which also serves as the linen closet. My heart will be overjoyed when I can show you a picture of the linen closet all neat and tidy with freshly folded, uniformly piled towels and sheets.

Be more prudent with the budget
  • Since we bought a house and a new auto this year, and filled the house with goodies and tools, it is time to get more control over the finances. We are placing a moratorium on spending until Spring time, when we will plant some above-ground garden beds for the back yard, decorative stones, and mature evergreens for the front of the house. Ahh, look at me -- already talking about spending! Anyway, most shameful of all this year is that I did not manage to donate to two charities, which we usually do for Christmas.
I would love to hear of any resolutions you have for the coming year, be they domestically-oriented or not!

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