Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Crazy Christmas Light Neighbors: That's Me!

What do housewives without children do for Christmas? Why, they decorate the outside of their homes with a bazillion lights and lawn decorations! If you don't have to spend money on kids, spend it on having a fantabulous display!

I don't think it looks crazy, I love the way it looks, but I know so many people hate neighbors who overdecorate their house. But I am going to be one of those insane house owners. After all, we just bought our house this year and I have always wanted to have a Christmas spectacle on my lawn.

Don't worry, we will turn off our lights by 11 p.m. We don't want to be too ghastly.

Housewives without kids are usually women with hobbies, and as you know, decor is my thing.

I am hoping my husband doesn't give me too much push-back on the decoration choices. He can decorate the inside of the house however he wants. I just want to carry out my vision for the outside. Of course, marriage is compromise, so I will listen, but I think he'll let me have my way anyway.

Above: Something about the house above stands out as my favorite. Maybe it's the golden glow of the warm white lights, or those stars, or just all of it. It looks just like a giant gingerbread house to me. Crunch! Nom-nom.

Above: This house seems to be falling apart due to the weight of Xmas decorations, but that is okay. If there is any way to go down, this is it! I am pretty sure my neighbors would want me to be arrested if I did the above. Note the beach ball stuffed in the porch.

Above: I love the arch lights across the roofs. Some blow-up figures are also a necessity.

Above: The house above is more so into the lawn lighting effects than lighting the house. I love all those lit-up trees.

I am busy drawing up a blueprint of my house right now! So excited!

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