Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Things Every Housewife Needs: A Feminine Apron

Flirty Rose Apron

My favorite part of being a housewife is baking, and if I can make those brownies while looking charming, then I shall do so. To me, being a homemaker is an ultimately feminine role, so I chose to get this apron because of its Victorian look of ruffles, flowers, and bows.

And if you are a working woman who just likes to think about being a homemaker, this will help you feel like you've been transformed into one. As a housewife without kids, I like to wear this apron for my husband, as it makes me look pretty for him.

Note: husbands just love to see their wives in aprons. It adds to the "I'm serving you" look! The apron is 100% cotton and one size fits most, so that is good too. Whether you get this for yourself, or someone you know is interested in gifts for housewives, this nicely fits the bill.

I will periodically post with more "Things every housewife needs" posts. They are products I bought or want that I think will also add value to your homemaking. Goodness, I just love shopping.


Anonymous said...

I saw your post and couldn't agree anymore. I am surprised that I am the first to comment. It is so great that you "escape" the "real" world and enter the best world for the feminine soul, the home.

Catherine said...

Mrs. Cave Man, I do indeed love this feminine escape. I hope you live this way if you so desire as well! Thank you for your comments. I hope to see more of you!

Rabbit said...

I made my first apron this past summer. I find that I get more done wearing it -and- that it gives my man "ideas". I have a ton of quilting fat quarters So I think I will in time be making a whole wardrobe of them!

Catherine said...


Your homemade apron sounds like such a housewifey activity. I love it! I have been thinking about trying to make a pet bed out of cut up squares from clothes my husband and I don't wear anymore, and maybe stuffing it with old rags. Maybe making a bra from quilt quarters will instill ideas as well! LOL.