Saturday, August 23, 2014

Trimming the Grocery Budget to Make Our First House Payment

Spending less on groceries to make our first mortgage payment
By Jellaluna via Flickr 2.0

We have our first mortgage payment coming up, due September 1st. It's exciting yet slightly stressful at the same time. Because we've been buying home decor and fixed some things around the house the previous owners let go, we are on a strict, STRICT budget for about a month.

So as the housewife and main shopper of the house, this means really being careful at the grocery store. I normally spend $100 a week in groceries for my husband and I. This allows us to get at least half of our food purchases 100% organic, like our fruits and veggies. Next year I plan to create a produce garden in a raised bed so we can be more self-sufficient for food and have these items cheaper.

Anyway, this week we are down to $65 for food shopping. This means we will be eating a lot of the following this week.

Chicken drumsticks and thighs: .99 cents/lb.
Potatoes: $2.49 for 5 lb. bag.
Carrots .54 cents/lb.
Bananas .54 cents/lb.
Beans $1.19/lb.
Roma tomatoes .99 cents/lb.
String beans $1.19/lb.
Canned tuna .79 cents/lb.

This food all tastes good and is good for you too.

I spent $66.00 at the grocery stores, pretty much as planned. It was a bit hard to fit everything in, but I found on mark-down 3 lbs. of ground turkey for $4.09 total, which is our meat for the week instead of the chicken pieces. This purchase totally made the budget work. Score!

I scored some really cheap curtains too!
We still needed 84-inch non-sheer patio curtains for our kitchen deck doors. So I scoured Big Lots just in case I would find something cheap, but not really expecting to find anything. Lo and behold, Baby Jesus sent me to the clearance section where I found two matching curtains that were just right. I got my patio curtains for $10.00 total!!! This totally warmed my housewifey heart and my husband was so proud of me for saving money while still decorating our house. One of the curtains looked like it had been crunched up a bit and returned, but that was okay. I just hung them and steamed them straight with my hand-steamer.

I hope you are all having a profitable week yourselves, or at least not breaking the bank!

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