Friday, July 11, 2014

Things that Shock Housewives

Things that Shock Housewives
  • People that aren't married
  • People that eat out of packages
  • Neighbors that have never entertained
  • The lack of morals in society
  • When someone constantly plays on their cell phone while being a guest in her house
  • When someone doesn't know it is customary to compliment the lady of the house on her formal living room decor
  • When husbands don't sit at the head of the table at a dinner party
  • When another wife doesn't serve guests with a matching set of dinnerware
  • When riff-raff moves into the neighborhood
  • People that don't know the value of her domestic hobby: canning, sewing, quilting, gardening, etc.
  • Finding out her neighbor who always has the scoop also gossips about her
  • Seeing another wife without her makeup for the first time as she sneaks the trash out in the morning
  • People that have lamps without shades over them

  • Women that say they would never want to be a housewife


Anonymous said...

Loooove it!

Quaint Housewife said...


Anonymous said...

I get the last one a lot from working women, meh.

Catherine Walker said...

Retro, I've heard it many times too. Meh indeed.

Quaint Housewife

Bercel KyBer said...

I just had a friend tell me that I would be more of an equal in my marriage if I earned my own money. I had to calmly put her in her place; equality in a marriage is about far more than earning income. I have far more power in my household than others might think.

My friend brought up feminism and I told her that feminism is flawed; that movement was supposed to be about women supporting each other's right to choose our lifestyles. Instead, most feminists enjoy shaming women who choose more traditional paths.

I think I'm going to write a blog post about my issues with feminism.

Catherine Walker said...


I agree with you. I look forward to reading your post about feminism. That movement is highly flawed these days.

What really makes me laugh are these people that think equality has anything to do with marriage. I don't know anyone who lives their marriage within a 50/50 mindset. More often than not people in a marriage tend to complement each other and make up for traits the other spouse doesn't have.

Quaint Housewife