Sunday, June 22, 2014

Which Kind of Housewife are You?

The Housewife that Loves to Cook
Photo by Steven Depolo via Flickr 2.0

As housewives, we wear many different hats, and we are all personally different as well. But that tends to get somewhat whitewashed because our presence is hidden in the home.  So which kind of housewife are you? You might fall into one category, or be a combination of many of them.

Here are the different types of housewives:

The Paperworker
  • So many men I know do not enjoy doing administrative work. So in those cases the family paperwork tends to fall to the housewife. She manages the checkbook, orders the insurance policies, pays the bills, keeps contracts on file, and chooses the investments, such as 401(k) and stock picks. Women who do the paperwork tend to enjoy it because it gives them a sense of security in having control of the finances.

The Artist
  • The artist wife is a woman that can't live without her own creative outlets. She paints, sews, sculpts, draws, or even refinishes furniture. Occasionally a housewife will have earned a BFA or MFA before she was married, and she continues to live out her artistic dreams at home. The artist wife will often have her creative treasures placed about the house. And because she is a housewife both the home and her husband are enriched because she made the time to fill the house with beauty.

The Cook
  • The cook wife is obsessed with making wonderful meals. She will often have her own unique style of cooking. Maybe she knows how to cook chicken 30 ways or she ensures fresh produce is in every meal, or maybe she is especially loved by her husband because she makes the best breads, cakes, pies, and cookies. There really is no substitute for a wife that cooks with love and care. It is an old-fashioned skill that a husband is always grateful to have in his wife.

The Protector
  • This wife likes to keep her husband happy by not telling him bad news unless she absolutely has to. She will dispute credit card charges without letting on there was an issue, she'll clean up spills without saying to her husband that the liquid fell on their precious hardwood table, or she'll repurchase his favorite shirt if the dog chewed it up without letting out a peep about it. Protective wives often do these things because their husbands get stressed out easily, and small stresses sometimes feel like big stresses to them. After a hard day's work they like to know they can have their husband be relax when he comes home. Still other wives keep their mouths closed about these little things because they don't want to hear their husbands complain for an hour.

The Gossiper
  • This housewife enjoys knowing the details. She loves soap operas, celebrity gossip, and finding out what's going on with her neighbors. You will often catch her on the phone with other wives, talking about what is going in Jennifer Aniston's love life -- hoping she finds a husband, or what happened on her favorite TV show. Her husband often shakes his head side-to-side and says stuff like, "You women sure are interested in some useless things."  The truth is, some housewives like a little bit of drama to keep the monotony away.

The Beauty
  • You might know a housewife who doesn't really have any domestic skills but still managed to land a good gig as a housewife. How did she do it? You might notice that she is a gorgeous woman. She has clear skin, a fit body, and well-coiffed hair. She doesn't have to be a person who wears makeup, but everything about her says "beautiful." Her husband was taken with her looks and decided to place her in his castle to be carefree and available at all times. So what she can't really cook or clean much? Her husband just likes to look at her.

Us housewives come in many different forms. Each skill or asset we have makes us the treasured woman and wife we are.


Natural Muslimah said...

i think your post are wonderful; i know you prob dont get a lot of muslimah post but i think you are fantastic! i just moved to a french island that really isnt to kept on americans and our traditions are alot differnt; i was raised baptist catholic so homemaker hits home for me! keep it up; really like your post!

Quaint Housewife said...

Thank you so much for reading and your compliments. I think all housewives can relate to each other.

Chasity Munn said...

Paperworker and (usually) beauty. :D

Catherine said...

Houses cannot function without the paperworkers, and the husbands love the beauties!

Anonymous said...

Artist, Cook, Protector and Beauty all rolled into one with a sprinkling of good gossip. ;)

Hattie M Sanchez said...

I'd have to say I'm a protector. My husband gets very stressed very easily, while almost nothing phases me, so I try to keep it as stress free as possible.

The Quaint Housewife said...

Hattie, that is so good of you. We all need to balance each other out in marriage.