Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Domestic Dreams of a Housewife without Kids

For all you housewives out there who really like being housewives, I can bet that you sometimes have little daydreams about domestic things, maybe self-indulgent things. I know I do. For example:
  • I was thinking about how I would have a real reason to act like a country housewife if I were Mennonite or Amish. I could wear an old-fashioned bonnet and a long skirt and blouse. And people would simply expect me to enjoy making quilts and jams. I would be adored for being such a domestic American woman, and I could encourage other women to bake, sew, and read the Bible, in an age of depressing uber-feminism.

  • My husband and I have been stressed out over the home-buying process. So far, so good, though. This is the house we really want, and we will shortly go through underwriting. I have been thinking about bringing people over to the new home. The house has a drawing room (also called a formal living room or sitting room) and a family room. I daydream about how I can impress guests with our very old-fashioned taste in decor and have endless pleasant conversation. But alas! We are not guaranteed to get this home. It might not pass underwriting. But dear husband and I already have our hearts set on it, no matter how much we talk about understanding loan approval is out of our hands. Domestic dreams can get crushed so easily!

  • I think about being the beautiful wife who not only has the house sparkling all the time, but also knows how to always keep a pleasant attitude with my husband in addition to keeping my hair impeccably styled and wearing heels to boot. Yes, I would like to be the Super Wife.
I guess the nice thing about these daydreams is that they have a charm to them, and I might be able to fulfill some of them too. Sadly, I cannot wear that Mennonite ladies' bonnet, but I can perhaps embody some of that domestic American spirit she brings to the table.


Mrs Cave Man said...

They already think your are crazy :) why not wear a bonnet? Seriously many ladies wear head coverings and don't even have a second thought. Do what you want!. Jane

Catherine said...

You are so right, Mrs. Cave Man. I should get one to wear inside the house anyway so I can play make-believe. My husband also thinks I'm crazy so he might not even blink. I love wearing hats too. By the way, I just love your screen name! I picture you signing your check book with it for some reason since it has the "Mrs" making it sound official!

Mrs Cave Man said...

Some people think my husband walks around with a club looking for prey, : )

Catherine said...