Friday, April 18, 2014

Why I Chose Marriage over Graduate School

Women Choosing Marriage over Graduate School

Women are encouraged to get Masters degrees and PhDs these days, and I think they are great for those women who genuinely desire them. When I was single and tired of my job, I took the GRE in hopes of getting accepted to an M.A. English program. But that was really only my back-up plan.

In the back of my mind my true desire was to simply find a husband. I was 34 at this point. It was really just time to get married. I had enjoyed making money over the years at my paper-pushing job, but I had grown kind of stale at it. And my love life left much to be desired. I wasn't actively seeking a husband the exact moment I met him, but that is how it always seems to happen.

So I had taken a GRE prep course, gotten decent scores, and been accepted to the colleges I chose. But the man I had grown close to told me he wanted me to be his wife. The advanced degree option became meaningless to me at that point, just like that.

I just craved emotional security and being spoken for above that piece of paper. It is a decision and an investment that has paid off ten-fold.

So when I hear about women who are getting advanced degrees, while I am happy for them, I smile as I cheerfully do my dishes, cook our meals, and switch the curtains and drapes for the changing of the seasons. It is a thought process that only a housewife would understand.


Summer said...

Good for you!!! Love this blog.

Quaint Housewife said...

Thank you Summer! Glad you like it. I need a place to express my old-fashioned womanly views!

Anonymous said...

Would love to meet up with other housewives without children in the New England area. Are there any out here?

Catherine said...

I used to live in New England but I am in the Midwest now!

Anonymous said...

What state are you from?