Sunday, March 2, 2014

Do you ever miss the cheap stuff?

Okay, I absolutely love cooking, making the most delectable and healthy meals from scratch. Some of my favorite foods to prepare are artichokes, avocados, Brussels sprouts, and spinach leaves.

But lately I have been buying those cheap bags of Ramen noodles and eating bologna sandwiches with mayo on white.

What is it about these foods that are devoid of much nutrition that we like so much? I think it must take us back to our childhoods, when we ate simple foods without much worry about the fat, calories, and salt contained in them or about how processed they were. Because inevitably we would just burn it all away running around and skipping rope in the backyard.

So I have started buying ramen in bulk because I like to eat the stuff but I also like to have an emergency stash of food. Where I live we get some weather extremes and I feel safer just have "stuff" in the cabinets all the time.

I have an old friend who out of economic necessity was raised on a lot of ramen and hot dogs. She is 5' 1", but she told me she is lucky she isn't 4' tall from lack of nutrition. But it at least got her through those lean years.

So what I do now is incorporate ramen into dishes full of vegetables and lean meat or seafood so I can have a complete, nutritious meal. I use a lot of great recipes with avocado, carrots, and green peppers, so it's always delicious.

So I will indulge in my ramen noodles and my bologna on white with mayo, and then get right back into making my lemon-artichoke pasta or avocado-tuna-spinach wraps. Enjoy, whatever you eat!

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