Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Am I the Only Housewife that Doesn't Use a Dishwasher?

Eek! I have never used a dishwasher.

I must be the only housewife that has never used a dishwasher. I grew up without one, but the house my husband and I bought came equipped with it. Personally, I have no desire to try it out. Washing plates, cups, bowls, and silverware by hand just seems so straightforward already.

With as much as I blog about having to clean so much, you would think I would just buy one to save time. I'm a little too obsessed with my three-tier drying rack to use it anyway.

Or you would think I couldn't afford one, living in the times of my life when I had to eat eat cheap food and wash the one or two plates I had with handmade scrub-a-dub love.

But I hear you have to rinse off the dishes to begin with before you load the dishwasher anyway, so why not just finish the job manually too? Am I alone in having never used one? Since I have dishwashing gloves that keep my hands from sweating in the rubber, I have even more reason to forgo the modern appliance.

Besides, I must admit I love working around the kitchen in my apron. Washing dishes by hand gives me another reason to do so.


Anonymous said...

That's me. Never had a dishwasher and do not mind washing dishes. A great time to think about life!

Catherine said...

Glad to know another wife is the same :)