Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Do Reality TV Housewives Give Real Housewives a Bad Name?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fights
None of the stay at home moms or housewives without children that I know of act like reality TV housewives. I don't know any homemakers cursing, fighting, or throwing things at each other on a regular basis. The Real Housewives TV franchise along with Basketball Wives I feel give a false impression about their real counterparts in everyday America ...

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Strange Reunion: Old Friends that Don't Remember

So now my old college best friend Lisa and I have spoken on the phone, and text message each other on and off. She apparently was as elated as I was to reunite.

The great thing is that she doesn't remember the bad stuff
that transpired between us. The sad thing is she doesn't remember most of the good stuff either. As I wrote about my guilty feelings and regret over incidents in the last blog post, it seems I might have over-reacted all these years ...

But only because Lisa doesn't recall any of it. I didn't refresh her on most of the bad stuff. I figured it was my chance to start over with her. Lisa asked me why we ever lost touch. I also asked her if she remembered the stare-down in Starbucks in 2010. She has no recollection of it, of ever seeing me there. When we first reunited over the phone she warned me before I even spoke, of just the few things she does remember. She told me that she's always had this memory problem. She has been through a brain scan apparently as well. She didn't go into much detail beyond saying that there is nothing seriously wrong with her.

I asked Lisa that if she doesn't remember most of these things, how does she remember being best friends with me. She replied that while her memory is bad she recalls how great she felt being best friends with me. I will take it. It's like God gave me a do-over.

This has been a most strange reunion, but it's almost as if nothing bad transpired and I got to pick right up 14 years later with the best friend status we once had. Maybe one day Lisa will remember more of it. Only physical distance really separates us now. We are also both domesticated -- me as a housewife and her as a stay-at-home new mother. I am quite glad I reached out.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

--UPDATED-- Sending A Christmas Card to A Long Lost Best Friend

There is something about this time of year, when it's darker earlier and you're hunkered down in your cozy home with warm Christmas lights cascading all over your tree. You get sentimental and think about regrets, and maybe more so if you've gotten into your 40s like me. I spent perhaps too long yesterday crafting a hand-written message in a boxed Christmas card to my college best friend. We had somewhat of a falling out 14 years ago, basically my fault. I'm not sure if I'll ever regret sending this heartfelt message to Lisa. But this card is in my rural mailbox right now and will be picked up by the mail lady by noon today. I hope I have the courage to leave it in there.

The thing is I've never gotten over losing this friendship. Lisa was really the best friend I ever had. She made me laugh so much, she opened my world up, and even more she got me out a jam quite a few times. The friendship dissolved because one too many times I snapped at her while she was in the middle of helping me out. What an ingrate I was. I wasn't angry at her. It was lack of thought. You know when you are so comfortable around someone you don't even think about how you act? I should have been more self-aware, especially when she went out of her way to help me ...

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